From 03/25/2014 to 04/23/2014


06:08 PM Task #2541 (Resolved): Update sample plugins to work with double precision builds
Applied in changeset commit:7ee4739f9f3741ca7d50592168602f2a648fb0f6. jglaser
06:01 PM Task #2792 (Resolved): Check that MPI_SUPPORTED / MPI_NOT_SUPPORTED docs are current
Applied in changeset commit:0fc856bd062771cccc27a76e685bcb04cd471077. jglaser
05:57 PM Feature #772: Tabulated Angle Bonds
joaander wrote:
> Jens,
> Can you look into the correctness of the tabulated angles and dihedrals? The document...
05:56 PM Bug #2887 (Resolved): Triclinic MPI unit test needed
Fixed in commit::f02b62eb jglaser


11:52 AM Task #338: Convert pair.cgcmm to templated method
Bumping to 1.1. The multi-gpu benchmark can wait. joaander
11:51 AM Task #2633 (Resolved): Strong scaling and cache locality
I'm assuming this is all solved. joaander
11:51 AM Task #2644 (Resolved): Shared memory version of all pair force kernels
Calling this one done. joaander


05:55 PM Bug #2887 (Resolved): Triclinic MPI unit test needed
A recently fixed bug shows we need a unit test for MPI with triclinic. jglaser


11:04 PM Feature #2885: nonperiodic dimensions
Forget this branch. I don't think the feature is useful to have in hoomd,since walls will do in HOOMD what they shoul... jglaser


10:36 PM Feature #2885: nonperiodic dimensions
Tentatively setting for 1.0, but if time is tight, we can reschedule jglaser
10:35 PM Feature #2885 (New): nonperiodic dimensions
In this branch, non-periodic dimensions can be requested using data.boxdim,


07:52 AM Bug #2835 (Rejected): data.boxdim will not create non-square/cubic boxes
Not a bug. This is working as documented.
You have...


05:38 PM Bug #2835 (Rejected): data.boxdim will not create non-square/cubic boxes
When assigning multiple edge lengths to the simulation box, data.boxdim ignores them and creates all edgelengths the ... harperic
02:20 PM Feature #2790 (Resolved): New replicate() command
Applied in changeset commit:6a53c3a2a23fde93c961e11fde893fe6c964af93. joaander

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