• codeblue

    Documentation and issue tracking for the codeblue server.

  • daq

    Level 3 software for Data Acquisition system (DAQ) for high energy experiment KOTO.

  • SMAC

    SMAC -- Shape Matching Analysis Code. Shape matching is a method used in computer science applications to identify unknown objects. Common applications include retrieving fingerprints from a criminal database or verifying signatures electronically. In the context of particle systems, we can use shape matching methods to create highly-specific ad hoc order parameters. Our aim is to incorporate these new techniques into a standard C++/python toolkit that can be applied broadly to studying assembly in experiments and simulations....

  • Kirke

    An object oriented library in Python for reading, writing, manipulating, and analyzing atomic structures and simulation data.
    This project was developed as part of the NSF Open Data IGERT program at the University of Michigan.

  • U-M Linux Community

    This site was created as a place to track various things important to the UM Linux community such as spec files, kickstart files and other scripts and code.

    The main documentation site is located at . If you are unable to access it send email to ....

  • MiWorkspace

    This is the top-level project for all MiWorkspace initiatives.

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