From 03/20/2014 to 04/18/2014


10:36 PM Feature #2885: nonperiodic dimensions
Tentatively setting for 1.0, but if time is tight, we can reschedule jglaser
10:35 PM Feature #2885 (New): nonperiodic dimensions
In this branch, non-periodic dimensions can be requested using data.boxdim,


07:52 AM Bug #2835 (Rejected): data.boxdim will not create non-square/cubic boxes
Not a bug. This is working as documented.
You have...


05:38 PM Bug #2835 (Rejected): data.boxdim will not create non-square/cubic boxes
When assigning multiple edge lengths to the simulation box, data.boxdim ignores them and creates all edgelengths the ... harperic
02:20 PM Feature #2790 (Resolved): New replicate() command
Applied in changeset commit:6a53c3a2a23fde93c961e11fde893fe6c964af93. joaander


09:01 AM Bug #2819 (Resolved): data.boxdim construction
Applied in changeset commit:ff359071a6a944a9d88be71d6159993e231474cc. joaander
08:18 AM Bug #2819: data.boxdim construction
Explicit is better then implicit. And hoomd docs strongly encourage the use of keyword arguments. data.boxdim(L=x) wi... joaander
11:16 PM Bug #2819 (Resolved): data.boxdim construction
The new data.boxdim takes Lx as a first argument, and if the others are not given, sets them to default values (1.0)
12:49 AM Feature #2790: New replicate() command
joaander wrote:
> As this is 90% in the snapshot and the other 10% is enabling a feature to restore snapshots with d...


03:59 PM Task #338: Convert pair.cgcmm to templated method
Jens, would you have time to update pair.cgcmm to use the templated pair potentials? If not, bounce it back to me and... joaander

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