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codeblue hosts software projects developed at the University of Michigan. Like Assembla and SourceForge, codeblue hosts source code and provides a complete set of collaborative development tools. Unlike the other freely available hosting options, codeblue will host both open and closed source projects: an absolute must for any research group developing internal code. Open projects exhibit a UMich brand identity by being located under the codeblue.umich.edu URL.

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codeblue: Security updates
Redmine 2.5.1 installed on codeblue
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codeblue: Software updates
Redmine 2.5.0 installed
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codeblue: Problems logging in
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codeblue: Slow logins (1 comment)
LDAP authentication delays
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codeblue: Software updates complete
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Latest projects

  • Kirke (03/20/2014 03:47 PM)

    An object oriented library in Python for reading, writing, manipulating, and analyzing atomic structures and simulation data.
    This project was developed as part of the NSF Open Data IGERT program at the University of Michigan.

  • MiWorkspace Linux (11/18/2013 04:38 PM)

    CodeBlue project for the MiWorkspace Linux effort.

  • MiWorkspace (11/18/2013 04:37 PM)

    This is the top-level project for all MiWorkspace initiatives.

  • daq (04/23/2012 01:33 PM)

    Level 3 software for Data Acquisition system (DAQ) for high energy experiment KOTO.

  • U-M Linux Community (04/23/2012 01:31 PM)

    This is a parent project for various U-M Linux initiatives, including sub-projects for kickstart files and RPM .spec files.