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codeblue hosts software projects developed at the University of Michigan. It hosts source code repositories along with tightly integrated collaborative development tools. Open projects exhibit a UMich brand identity under a .umich.edu URL. codeblue also offers static website hosting for open source projects.

codeblue is operated out of the College of Engineering by Joshua Anderson in Sharon Glotzer's group, and is free to use by anyone at the university.


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Why host a project on codeblue?

Or, why not use another cloud service? There are many places on the web to host open and closed source project repositories with integrated issue tracking and other collaberative tools. Developers should consider their options carefully and select the right tool for the job.

Service Selling points Disadvantages
github Extremely popular, superb git hosting, excellent code review, great issue tracking, trivial for outside developers to contribute patches, host a static website, instant project creation Separate login credentials, private projects cost $
Bitbucket Free private repositories for academic users, git and mercurial hosting, excellent issue tracking, easy and flexible team management with groups of repositories owned by the team, fine-grained permissions, host a static website, instant project creation, login with umich credentials (via google) No .umich.edu branding for public projects.
Assembla subversion, git & perforce hosting, good issue tracking, easy team management, fine grained permissions, instant project creation Public and private projects cost $.
SourceForge subversion, git, and mercurial hosting, good issue tracking, free public projects Projects must be open source.
codeblue subversion, git, and mercurial hosting, redmine issue tracking and collaboration tools, CDash server, static website hosting with .umich.edu branding for public projects, server located in a UMich data-center, uses UMich kerberos authentication Maintained by a single individual, delayed project creation that requires admin attention.

If you are looking for a service to host many private closed-source repositories for a team, definitely check out Bitbucket - it has a lot to offer. codeblue was created before bitbucket offered all these compelling features for free to academic users. Today, the main reason to use codeblue over bitbucket would be to enhance the UMich branding of an open source project.


Comments? Suggestions? Requests? Contact codeblue-administrators via e-mail (a umich.edu address).

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Redmine 2.5.1 installed on codeblue
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codeblue: Software updates
Redmine 2.5.0 installed
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Latest projects

  • investment (12/17/2014 02:39 PM)
  • Kirke (03/20/2014 03:47 PM)

    An object oriented library in Python for reading, writing, manipulating, and analyzing atomic structures and simulation data.
    This project was developed as part of the NSF Open Data IGERT program at the University of Michigan.

  • MiWorkspace Linux (11/18/2013 04:38 PM)

    CodeBlue project for the MiWorkspace Linux effort.

  • MiWorkspace (11/18/2013 04:37 PM)

    This is the top-level project for all MiWorkspace initiatives.

  • daq (04/23/2012 01:33 PM)

    Level 3 software for Data Acquisition system (DAQ) for high energy experiment KOTO.