Highly Optimized Object-oriented Many-particle Dynamics -- Blue Edition
HOOMD-blue Documentation

Welcome to the user documentation for HOOMD-blue!

  1. Installation Guide
  2. Quick Start Tutorial
  3. Units
  4. Example Scripts
  5. Index of Script Commands
  6. XML File Format
  7. Command line options
  8. File Format Conversion
  9. Compiling HOOMD-blue
  10. License
  11. Citing HOOMD-blue
  12. Credits

Up to date documentation can be found at the following links:

  • Documentation for the latest packaged release.
  • Documentation for the current development version in master.
  • Documentation consistent with any given version can be built from the source code by following the instructions in Compiling HOOMD-blue.

Documentation for HOOMD-blue v0.11.3
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